Sunday, March 30, 2014

Growing a Crop of Love: SPROUT


A sprout is a tender shoot reaching toward the light. 

The faith of our children emerges reaching toward the SON with an unpretentious wonder, the outcome of forming a suitable environment.

As mothers we promise to nurture the needs of the fragile sprout with acceptance and affiliation, affirmation and admonition, abilities and accomplishments.

Childlike faith sees the world as exciting, adventurous and worth pursuing, at the same time, influences in a child’s life work to uproot the tiny shoot.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. – Psalm 42:1b 

Every child is born with yearnings in their soul for a secure love, a significant purpose and a strong hope[1]. As parents, we are to be the primary source to meet these needs. Over time we demonstrate to our children how God becomes the place where these needs are met.

Secure Love: Acceptance, Affiliation, Affection
Significant Purpose: Affirmation, Attention, grace-based Admonition
Strong Hope: Abilities, Adventure, Accomplishments

The prince of this world, the devil, will attempt to satisfy and meet these needs. He begins his work early. A mother will protect the sprout from being uprooted and replant the seed as often as necessary.

We affirm the worth of our children with spoken blessings. We teach and admonish full
of grace. We emphasize God’s plan and purpose for their lives. We assure acceptance in spite of their awkward quirkiness. We provide the freedom to fail. We invite respectful, yet candid responses.

Rightly meeting these needs becomes the reference point of their accurate understanding of whom God is. We love as Christ loved us.

Love is the commitment of my will to put your needs and best interests above my own regardless of the cost. – Dr. Tim Kimmel 

Neglecting their needs will make God seem distant or heavy handed in their adult life. We are to make the invisible visible through our nurturing the sprout.

Even on our best day, our children will go about getting these legitimate needs met in illegitimate ways. We are to persist in nurturing the sprout as it grows in maturity.

Take Action

1. Consider what love really is. Commit to following through with the love dare for parents.
2. Consider tangible ways you are meeting the 9 “A” words for your children.


Wonderful Counselor, show me how I can better meet the needs of my children to best reflect your character, your heart and your promises rightly. Help me to see where they are getting their needs met in the wrong ways.

Hands on Activities

Mommy activity: Spend three days eating only what is grown in your garden. Let your hunger be satisfied by what God provides for you. Allow yourself to go thirsty. Consider what you allow to quench your thirst.

Mommy and me: At the dinner table ask your children if they are hungry. How does the meal nourish their bodies with grow food, energy food and vitamins? Point out that God wants to be their source of spiritual nourishment found in His Word (scripture … man does not live on bread alone). Ask your children if they ever feel lonely? How do they quench that thirst?

Mommy and me: Bedtime Blessings by Dr. John Trent

Grace and Peace to you, Edy

[1] Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting