Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby on Board

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I opened the mailbox to find an unexpected and unwanted letter from the City of Scottsdale. The photo radar van captured me speeding. There was no denying the image, busted! In reflection, I remember the day. Distracted and hurried, as is too often the case, I failed to pay attention to my speed.

I opted to take the online defensive driving class instead of tarnishing my safe driving record.

When I got to the section on driver reaction time I was startled and not because I was learning something new. I felt the Spirit of God prompting me to consider my “mommy response time.”

God can use any situation to speak to us[1].

The amount of time it takes a driver like me to react mentally to a hazard depends on various elements such as attentiveness, perception, awareness, and response selection.

The same variables apply to my reaction/response time when doing life with children. The “Baby on Board” isn’t the problem. I’ve been prompted by the Spirit to consider these variables:

·      Where is my current focus?
o   Cooking, house cleaning
o   Work or ministry
o   Visitor
o   Television, phone or computer
o   Multi-tasking
·      Are my children interrupting?
·      Where should my focus be?

·      How do I perceive their behavior?
o   Willful disobedience
o   Self-focused pleasure, laziness
o   Disrespect
o   Getting a legitimate need met in an illegitimate way

·      How does my perception affect my reaction time?
o   Enrage and exasperate
o   Annoy and aggravate
o   Disappoint and irritate

·      Am I aware of my emotional state (anxious, stressed)?
·      Do I have physical needs (hungry, tired, sick)?
·      Do I have material needs (deadline, time schedule)?

Response Selection:
·      I choose love. My actual response however is too often something less than love. 

Love is the commitment of my will to your needs and best interests regardless of the cost. – Dr. Tim Kimmel

Even beyond the daily routine of parenting other variables may affect my reaction/response time. Specifically, am I driving under the influence of the world and the things in it or the Spirit. My time in daily devotion to reading scripture determines what influence I'm under, goodness and purity or lust and malice. 

Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit, -- Ephesians 5:18a

Night driving adds an additional impairment or blindness. Parenting in darkness affects my ability to properly perceive the obstacles ahead. 


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[1] John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.