Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Climb High. Live Near.

Join Edy Sutherlandwith her family on
August 9th, in Loveland, Colorado

Walk with me and talk with me a while.
When you go off to a quiet place to meet with God, do you ever wonder:
  • "Who am I talking to?"
  • "Am I supposed to pray in a certain way?"
  • "Does God know me and care about me?"
Edy uses vibrant story telling from her adventures in the wilderness to help you unlock the secrets of knowing God in your everyday life. Edy will show you how to ...
Turn uncertain encounters in to divine appointments.
Having lived distant and disengaged from God for 32 years, Edy's many stories of experiencing God follow adventurous paths on the snow covered mountains and rocky trails of Colorado.

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