Friday, February 8, 2013

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Your faith must penetrate beyond superficial roots to infiltrate the tinitest crevices of your soul. This process parallels the pursuit of outdoor adventure sports. Escalate your knowledge and experience of God with increasing intensity: committed, faithful, convinced.

In reading The WHEE Factor you will have an opportunity to ...

  • Shut down the scheming of the enemy to ride the slopes of life with freedom. Video Promo
  • Emerge from the dark trails of life to navigate a brightly lit landscape of experiencing God. Video Promo
  • Surrender the burden of a hard heart toward God to grip His redeeming love. Video Promo
  • Stop bowing down to frivolous stuff; instead bend your knees in adoration of a matchless God. Video Promo
  • Halt the slide down the slippery slope of hope to climb toward an eternal summit with no more sadness. Video Promo
  • Put aside being your own god to join with the power and direction of Almighty God. Video Promo

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