Monday, February 4, 2013

A Night Hike: Diminish Darkness; Intensify God's Glory

I'm announcing a new event titled "By the Light of the Silvery Moon." It's a live action sport metaphor designed for high school ministry groups, college/career/single ministries and church family fun nights.

The event is based on one of the 90 adventure sport lessons from the the workbook The WHEE Factor. 

Invite Edy Sutherland with Living in Extreme Ways to help you organize this event with your group. Contact Edy at

  • Topic 1: Learn how to diminish the shadow cast from evil and intensify the radiance of God's glory? READ the first lesson HERE.

  • Topic 2: Learn how to stop crawling through the darkness of "I'm all alone" to walk confidently in 'I AM with you."  READ the second lesson HERE

  • Topic 3: Learn how to stop hiding in shame to let the Light of Life penetrate the tiniest cracks of your soul.

  • Topic 4: Learn how to turn off the small circle of human striving to turn on the wide expanse of believing God.