Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So in Control

A rock climbing event with Timberline Bible College,
a Torchbearers International School

Originally Posted in SHOUT! Lifestyle Magazine

Control is a funny thing. I began my journey as a climber more willing to trust a rope than I did as a disciple willing to trust God. Coming into contact with the living God personally was a distant and, quite honestly, farfetched idea to me. This did not keep me however from craving Eden, a utopia with perfect fellowship with the creator God. However, my pride-induced need for control too often keeps me from making this earth bound heaven a reality ...

By His grace, I come “on belay.” And, my climb heavenward requires a continual dependence on intimate communion with Him. Each step of faith “up the rock” grows my knowledge of and closeness with a living God. Over the years, I’ve come to know He is faithful and true. We do not have to wait for heaven to have an abundant measure of nearness with the living God of the Bible. Eternity begins now.

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