Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekly Devotions - Wheee!

Stairway to Heaven

 Faith is like climbing with your legs - Edy Sutherland

In the wilderness, I encourage new climbers to look at the rock in a slightly different way. If they climb with their feet taking small steps of faith up the wall using their hands for balance (rather than brute strength) it’s easier to climb on.

Originally post on Christian Outdoor Leadership a blog equipping and encouraging wilderness ministry leaders. Read more HERE.

I Want to Ride my Bicycle. I Want to Ride my Bike.

 Anticipation at the unveiling left me restless. Will she love it? Will she cherish riding it as much as I enjoy mine? Is she ready? My behaviors revealed obvious expectations I imposed on her. My daughter was 3 when my husband and I gave her a bicycle for Christmas. Her tricycle was hardly used before I wanted to upgrade her to a real bike.

Posted originally on Edy Writes a blog leading women into greater intimacy with God. Read more HERE.

There is TROUBLE in the Bubble. But, if from there YOU SEEK.

A Message prepared for Royal Palms Baptist Church. Read More HERE.

But even there, if you SEEK God, your God, you'll be able to find Him if you're serious, looking for Him with your whole heart and soul.

– Deut. 4:29 The message



Follow Edy on an adventurous journey into the presence of God where your soul will sing "Wheee!"

Allow The WHEE Factor to help you approach your faith with determination and an attitude of continual growth. The challenging commission to become a true disciple of Jesus demands the discipline to learn, practice, grow—and repeat. The eventual outcome for you is a true faith that is rock solid and proven, one rooted and grounded in love - a faith grown out of reverence and awe of the one who created all things. It is not a faith that evolved out of duty, obligation, or in following tradition.

Do not randomly grasp for any semblance of hope. Make your hope certain. Allow defeat to motivate you to find truth. Turn lethargy in to inspiration. Your obstinacy submits to teaching. Your fear evolves into faith. Germinating from your seed of faith is a tree with leaves that do not wither in drought and branches that do not snap in the storm. You will bear an abundance of fruit that is plump and sweet.

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