Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekly Devotions - Purging PRIDE

Spin City

5 Ways God Uses Road Cycling to Purify My Soul. -- Edy Sutherland

Road cycling offers an opportunity to dismantle pride-filled tendencies in me. I leave the house in the early morning of 5:30 am to spin. My idyllic setting includes rolling hills, majestic mountains, trickling brooks, cool breezes, and delicate wildflowers lining the roadside. Unfortunately, I’m often met with concrete, asphalt, and gravel in the bike lane.

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Do My Eyes See?

How to Evaluate if What Once Was Still Is. -- Edy Sutherland

I’m always wearing glasses. I’ve needed eyewear to correct for near sighted vision for 29 years. My poor eyesight renders me legally blind without corrective lenses. It’s rare to catch me without contact lenses. But even then, I have on the ready a quality pair of sunglasses.

Recently, after much anguish, I added a pair of reading glasses to my collection. Any time I have on my contacts, the words I once could read on the pages of books no longer come in to focus. I avoided the purchase. I wanted to think what once was, still is.

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Wet Trail Conditions

How to Move from Rookie status to Titleholder. -- Edy Sutherland

As a novice off-road racer, I always went through the puddle. My eyes were trained to follow the well-worn path in to the mud puddle. One day in the midst of getting lapped, I watched a champion racer pass through without touching the mud. Titleholders always go around or hop over the mud puddle. Their efforts reach for the finish line not the tragedy mud offers.

My rookie intentions were to attain effortless exertions not distress. Only, my ignorance spoke loudly of my inclination to make the wrong choice. Once I observed another rider successfully maneuver around the mud, I too aspired to find another way.

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Follow Edy on an adventurous journey into the presence of God where your soul will sing "Wheee!"

Allow The WHEE Factor to help you approach your faith with determination and an attitude of continual growth. The challenging commission to become a true disciple of Jesus demands the discipline to learn, practice, grow—and repeat. The eventual outcome for you is a true faith that is rock solid and proven, one rooted and grounded in love - a faith grown out of reverence and awe of the one who created all things. It is not a faith that evolved out of duty, obligation, or in following tradition.

Do not randomly grasp for any semblance of hope. Make your hope certain. Allow defeat to motivate you to find truth. Turn lethargy in to inspiration. Your obstinacy submits to teaching. Your fear evolves into faith. Germinating from your seed of faith is a tree with leaves that do not wither in drought and branches that do not snap in the storm. You will bear an abundance of fruit that is plump and sweet.

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