Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Devotions - 04/30/2012

Blank Signs and Starry Nights

The blank sign came in to view. Spontaneously, each one of us wondered the same thing. “WHY does God abstain from giving definitive answers to many of our everyday questions?” Does he answer basic questions such as: Where should I live?, Where will I get the money to…?, Who should I marry?, Would I continue in my present (fill in the blank), or What should I study in college?

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Rhythmic Floating

I begin each new telemark turn either sliding my new leading foot forward or stepping the trailing leg back. A downward force applies pressure to the metal edges as I bend my knees. I roll my ankle slightly until I feel weight shift on to my big toe. The arc of the ski turns from down the hill to across the hill. I rise up, disengage the metal edges, and the ski once again points down the hill. 
Over and over again I bend down and lift up in a rhythmic floating motion. Making disciples looks similar.

“When will my life begin?” Rapunzel sings. The fairy tale character didn’t realize she was caught in the grips of a deceptive tale. I too was caught for 32 years. Like young Snow White, I bit the poison apple the devil fed me and fell asleep for 20 years. In my slumber, God worked out the details of my escape. He writes a glorious tale for each one of us.

I'm amazed how abundant and fruitful the citrus trees are. In one 2 inch area the potential for 7 grapefruit unfolds. Each tiny nodule has a viable chance of becoming a rich juicy pink delight. There isn't however enough room.

I'm an observer. God is the gardener. Over the growing season, one piece of fruit will come to full maturity.

Glue -- the secret weapon in the toolbox of a peacemaker. My husband is a master carpentar. The photo above doesn't even come close to representing the many different types of glue he has in his shop. Each serves to bind two objects together. The task is accomplished in slightly different ways.

Our offering of humility is the glue that binds people together. It may look different at times but accomplishes the same outcome.