Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekly Devotions - 04/20/2012 - Celebrating the Resurrection

Spiritual First Responder

 All wilderness leaders need to have some training in first aid. Knowing how to assess and treat minor injuries and keep serious casualties stable can make a difference. Each emergency situation will be unique. The basic guidelines for practicing first aid help determine the priorities of treatment in each case.

Similarly, because wilderness ministry leaders are concerned with spiritual formation of people, we must make an initial examination of the spiritual wellness of our participants. Innumerable emotional injuries and ailments possibly affect the potential for transformative growth in each person.

 Originally posted on Christian Outdoor Leaders


Let it Rain !!

I craved the purchase. I couldn’t justify the cost. I thought, “My two darling girls would look adorable in the raincoats.” But, cleansing rain escapes the desert landscape we live in. I called my husband pleading with him to talk me out of the purchase. Instead, he said, “Buy the coats.” He assured me our girls would wear them in Seattle at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Two weeks later, to my great pleasure, the skies opened up and rain came down. I suited up the girls and sent them out to play. They danced and sang twirling their princess umbrellas but never used them for protection.


Resurrected Eggplant

I thought for sure it was dead. I woke up after a cold night to go out and check on the tomatoes. I covered the cage and put a heat lamp inside. They were fine. But, as I suspected, the eggplant did not survive the frozen temperatures. At the bottom of the plant there were a few tiny green leaves. I decided to to nurse the plant back to life.

Food Dehydrator

Another kitchen utensil that does not belong in the peacemaker toolbox is the food dehydrator. When a person preserves the mistakes of men for consumption later, He makes a mockery of Jesus' redemptive work on the cross.

Eyes to See

I don't know about you, but with my eyesight I see people as opponent's who fight me, parasites who bug me, or maybe even an annoyance who irritate me.

Tension occurs in my life and probably yours too when I fail to see through the lens of the resurrection. Jesus overcame death.