Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Devotions - 04/10/2012

Neutral Bouyancy!

Dangerous adventure sports like scuba diving make for great illustrations to expose the concerns many of us have to GO into the harvest field and make disciples. Think about it: scuba diving takes me to the bowels of the earth into vast open spaces void of life. Sounds like the task of evangelism doesn’t it? Yet I especially like to descend over spectacular ecosystems of coral reefs that are teeming with animal life from all parts of the food chain. Sometimes I dive to see a sunken ship where marine life is less abundant. These critters are often skittish because aggressive predators lurk about.

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Seriously, weeds are annoying. One year I planted the loveliest looking daisy plant I got from the local nursery. It flourished in my planter next to the pool and provided continual blossoms for many months. I had no idea the seeds were spreading all over the yard. By the following spring, my yard was inundated with oxeye daisies. I had a very difficult time removing them.

Free the Heel, Free the Mind - Proper Preparation

Going off-piste in to the backcountry comes after proper preparation: squats and more squats and more squats. In the gym, my heart begins pounding quickly demonstrating the large muscle groups activating. So, with each knee bending squat, I strengthen both my leg muscles and my heart, artery, and vein muscles too.


Apple Slicer

A classic utensil I keep in my kitchen is the apple slicer. It's a quick and easy way to accomplish the work of slicing the apple.

The same can be said of blame. It's the quick and easy way to pass off our sin and not do the work of peacemaking. "So and so made me do it." Like Eve, I'm learning it becomes all too easy to pass off our sin by saying the devil made me do it.

You see the devil tempts and deceives. He even afflicts. But, we sin.