Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Devotions 03/30/2012 -

Ice Climbing with Spiderman

Spiderman – a character out of a comic book, right? That’s what I thought until one day, in the sun deprived canyon east of Vail, Colorado, I witnessed Spiderman run up a wall of ice.

With ice picks in hand and crampons secure to his mountaineering boots he stood in quiet reflection and prayer. In a sudden outburst, he took off in a sprint toward the glistening frozen waterfall. His stride was long. His pace was rapid. I’d never seen ice climbing like this.

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FREE the Heel, FREE the Mind - The Valley of Humiliation

Telemark skiing forces me to continually manage the changing surface below. It seems so unlikely fluid movement can be accomplished given the heels are free. In any one instant my balance requires another fine tune adjustment: weight forward or backward, up or down, more or less rotation in my torso, rolling my feet to edge more or maybe less.

I’m continually adjusting to the nuances of the chaos below my feet. Yes, subtle unexpected changes are to be the norm. What worked two turns ago may necessitate something altogether now. The consistent truth – nothing remains constant. In all seriousness, the likelihood of attaining balance is unlikely. And yet, it does, happen.


Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse gardening is an option for those desert gardeners who wish to have a consistent and prolific harvest of many varieties of vegetables and flowers all year long. With the right knowledge and resource wherewithal, the gardener can control the environmental variables necessary for plant growth and fruit production.

Greenhouse gardening requires a great deal of research, knowledge, and maintenance. The greenhouse gardener may discover however the shear number of variables to be controlled is far greater than they originally anticipated.


ONE Body of Living Water

This week my husband and I were prayed over by a lovely couple dedicated to building up the body of Christ to maturity (Ephesians 4:12-13). As they prayed, the Spirit brought to their minds imagery of a mountain stream coming in to a cool mountain lake.


It's NOT in the Bag

The wilderness teaches me to not be a consumer. I must participate in the fullness of my surroundings being useful -- food must be prepared, firewood must be collected, and shelter must be built. Useful purpose replaces a sense of entitlement and want. Being satisfied with what is available replaces a sense of envy or greed.

Tension occurs in my life and probably yours too when we take our propensity toward consumerism and apply it toward church attentance.