Saturday, March 17, 2012

Devotions this Week - 03/17/2012

She's Piste

Five years ago I gave my telemark gear away. Getting married and moving to the Sonoran desert I knew I could not be an occasional enthusiast. It’s a sport of demanding athleticism. Balance, stamina, and skill poise themselves on the ball of one foot while I’m to negotiate undulating surfaces. Freeheel skiing is both maddening and enjoyable at the same instant. Any mistake renders me face down with skis wrapped around my body in ways I couldn’t begin to concoct in my imagination.

We reached the summit. I watched him walk out to the edge of the moonlit cliff and look over. Suddenly, he dropped. Only his upper torso was free to hold on. My mind raced as I immediately realized he was teetering on the edge of death. The wind blown wall of cantilevered snow could fracture and let go at any moment. I knew in that instance that my oversight of where the true edge of the cliff was could cost him his life. In an instant reaction I pulled him to safety. Even then, he didn’t have any true understanding of the serious danger he was in; that is, until I told him.

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