Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Devotions this week 1/10/2012

Got Worms?

What might the “presence of worms” represent in our lives spiritually? Just as the worms bore holes in the soil to soften it and provide spaces for oxygen and water to pool, loving people do the same for us. The love of a good friend softens our hearts and enriches our soil to receive the message God is trying to portray to us.


Moon Shadow

In pondering the shadow I cast, I was prompted to ask myself several poignant questions this week. Join me in asking yourself these questions: (1) What kind of involuntary influence am I casting either morally or spiritually on those around me? (2) Why does it matter and what kind of influence do I want to have? (3) Apart from any speech on my lips am I contributing to the eternal salvation or eternal damnation of other souls? (4) Do I respect and edify the shadows others are casting especially if they differ from mine?



Traversing a glade of trees is unproductive. A rider travels back and forth across the slope procrastinating. It prolongs the time in the trees and not for beneficial reasons. Deep down, the rider that traverses quietly wishes they could return to the wide open trail. They wear fear like a garment. They want all the joy and accolades that come with going in to the trees but don't want to be challenged with learning the skills they need to maneuver fluently.


The Clamp

A woodworker will attest it's unlikely to complete a building project without using a single clamp. Every project I watch my husband build uses clamps whether he is gluing a broken plastic princess shoe back together or building a chalkboard to hang in the kitchen. Clamps hold two unconnected pieces together so that the craftsman can use his hands to connect them in a more permanent way with glue, nails, or screws.


The Idea Box: prototype and testing

A run on sentence is hard to follow. Thoughts and ideas run amuck without pause or clarity. In our family, my life often resembles a run on sentence. New creative ways to live and share the gospel message whirl around like an otter swimming in a pond.