Monday, November 21, 2011

I Might Be a Kook If ... The virtue of COMPASSION

I Might Be a Kook If ...
"You try to paddle out over an oncoming wave
 only to not make it over the top and flip backwards."

As a little girl I body surfed[1]. Hour after hour I rallied in the shore break of Myrtle Beach. I got a taste of riding the powerful force of the wave. On these endless summer days, I learned to not fear being washing machined like a rag doll in the bowels of the wave. The thrill of wave riding was forever embedded deep in my psyche. I longed to join the powerful energy of the wave on a board.

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Some 20 years later I finally rented and paddled out on my first surfboard. The location was an idyllic white sandy shore break in the Costa Rican community of Jaco. A total squid, I took my 9’ surfboard in to thrashing sets of waste high waves. I spent most of that day just trying to paddle out past the break on my long, wide boat of a surfboard. I managed to stand-up and ride the fluff of a single wave. Unfortunately, I touted my efforts that evening at the pub as if I were a true Betty.

The days and hours of the next week unfolded as a rhythmic cycle: paddling, rests in a hammock, paddling, rests in a hammock. My efforts to ride a wave proved rather unprofitable. A perversion of my mind took place when I imagined myself to be a legit surfer even though I may have only caught the fluff of a half dozen waves. I wanted the glory so badly I imagined my success. I used my sun burned swollen, split lip to speak loudly of evidence of my exhaustive efforts.

A lack of sincerity defines a kook. If I surf to gain personal recognition my efforts are pious. I maintain a status of “wannabe” when I boisterously praise myself. My meager efforts prove to be a hypocritical display of pompous ego. A kook fails to recognize or in my case recall the reason to surf in the first place.

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Riding God’s wave is to become His servant. I’m propelled to join God to take back what has been claimed by the devil. I intercede with the hope and promise of Jesus’ death and resurrection to rescue and redeem the lives of those that I know. When I’m able to sincerely identify with the lost, the blind, the lame, and the sick then my love grows for them, so much so, that my life is dedicated to rescuing and bringing restoration in to the brokenness. This is the virtue of compassion.

I do not summon compassion. It’s born out of me as a mother giving birth to a child. The same is true of ministry. I have to remember the reason “to surf” in the first place. I become a total poser if I’m doing to it to propel my selfish ambition and my agenda. When my motivation is pure, to bring hope and healing in to dark places, I GO out irregardless of the cost to my comfort, my security, and my reputation.

Are you a surfer or do you sit on the beach as a “kook” pretending to be a surfer? Ask yourself if you recognize any of these “kook” like behaviors.

·   You have a spirit of passivity.
·   You have a spirit of fear.
·   You have a spirit of self-preoccupation.
·   You have a spirit of apathy.
·   You have a spirit of timidity.

Bona fide surfers know the work of the Father. Jesus is the Big Kahuna. He became sin so that in Him we could become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians ). He could relate to the lost and the sinners because He experienced what they did yet did not react with sin (Hebrews ).

When WE choose to ride God’s wave we move our mental concern for another to an act of intercession to reproduce the hope God has given us. We bring glimpses of heaven to earth when we share authentic love to create contagious joy.

I’m no stranger to the pains an “everyday orphan” experiences. I was abandoned as an adolescent in ways all too familiar to youth and young adults of today. In fact all of us are orphans apart from adoption in to the Kingdom of Heaven. I yearn, no I ache, to share the hope, peace, and joy I experience now with those distant and disengaged from God.

I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.
- John 16:20

Jesus was the perfect intercessor. Do you see yourself as one?

·   I grieve everyday for (fill in the blank). I am haunted to bring deliverance in to the darkness.
·   I am consumed with a deep passion and compassion to take action.
·   I yield to the greater purpose God has put before me.
·   I align my heart and my agenda to the Spirit of God. 
·   I move forward with courage and faith.
·   I persist in the midst of discouragement, weariness, and attack.

Like the little girl body surfing the waves in Myrtle Beach, WE are to maintain fervency for WHY we “surf.” Join me as I pray today for all people distant and disengaged from God to have (1) a heightened desperation for Him, (2) a cry in their heart for deliverance from darkness, (3) a release from their fear of God, (4) a sense of urgency.

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