Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Earn Your Downhill - IMPULSE & INSTINCT

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.
- Isaiah 41:13

I need to tighten the tension on my bike peddles. For so long, my impulse has been to “twist and pull” my feet free whenever even the slightest obstacle lay ahead. I confess the release tension on my bike peddles are on the loosest setting.

Loose peddles also force release, inadvertently. Without deliberate intention, my foot slips free at the least opportune time like when doing simple tasks like crossing a log or bunny hopping.

In my journey to follow hard after Jesus I often release inadvertently. Carnal instinct forces a fight or flight response. But, my journey of faith necessitates another response altogether, stay “clipped in,” and pray. The fruit of my obedience has been to experience the presence of God and the provision of God.  

Yep, that’s what I want. How about you?

So, let’s get out our allen wrench and tighten those proverbial peddles. Let’s turn our eyes upon Jesus. Let’s gaze in His wonderful face. And our instinct to “twist and pull” away, will grow strangely dim.

Ask yourself if any of these “fight or flight” responses are your instinct?

·   I allow my circumstances to be the modifying factor of my happiness. I try to manipulate people and circumstances to my benefit. 
·   I give God the big decisions in life but keep control of the seemingly mundane decisions. Inadvertently, I allow my desire to please myself or to please others to direct my choices.
·   I allow my weakness to condemn me. I withdraw in helplessness.
·   I give greater priority to the distractions around me. For an instant it feels better to just clip out – never mind all the consequences tied to my choice.
·   I resist being made new whole and holy. I prefer the comfort of my familiar temperaments even if they are self-destructive.
·   I allow possessions to give me a false sense of security. I grasp hold of the present material and forget about the future eternal.

Let us be stimulated by staying “clipped in” and experiencing God rather than giving in to a carnal response of fight or flight. Trust me when I proclaim, “It’s the RUSH you get when you experience God in everyday life.”

For in Him, we live and move and have our being.
- Acts

I have found contentment comes from finding joy in experiencing God. Not just in the big things but in all things. Whenever I lack peace I know I have “clipped out.” I use my awareness to restart fresh with a new veracious appetite to feast on His delight sitting at His banquet table.

Here are some actions you can practice to stay “clipped in.”

·   Worship. God is worthy of your worship. When your mind is full of earthquakes, blistery winds, and fire exhaust them with worship.

Become acutely aware of the different ways you best enter in a posture of reverent awe of God and DO them.
·   Surrender. God’s ways are higher than yours. A surrendered life recognizes God’s will to restore all things to perfect communion with Him not just in heaven but right now.

Become acutely aware of the people and things that distract you from perfect communion with the Father and EXHAUST them.
·   Obey. God knows what is best for you. God the Father loves you as a perfectly loving Father would not how an imperfect earthly father might. This includes giving you commands to follow to protect you from the desires of your flesh – you know, the ones that eventually cause strife and discontent.

Become acutely aware of your stubborn pride and self-centeredness and vow to RESPECT God with your obedience.

·   Believe. God protects, God saves. You are not to be in the business of battling the enemy. You need only stand in authority over the enemy. When you live a holy, surrendered life for God, He will send angels in the heavenly realm to overcome on your behalf.

Become a believer who lives in VICTORY over the scheming of the enemy.

Be sure to check out next week as I start a new series titled "You Might Be a Kook if? ... it's a surfing series and asks the important question ... "Are you a poser or the real deal?"


Anonymous said...

I had a hard day at work yesterday. A change in my schedule caused me to miss a family get together that I was really looking forward to. The longer work days are diminishing the down time I really needed to get some other things done. This was not the plan I had my mind set on. I could get angry, short tempered and impatient but instead I think I'll try WORSHIP, SURRENDER, OBEDIENCE and BELIEF! I know they'll bring peace and joy from God. Stay cliped in!