Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Washing with Sweat - The WOBBLE BOARD

to make [the wife] holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, Ephesians 5:26

As an athlete I am always looking to advance; it is instinctive. So, the next step with the medicine ball routine with my husband was to add the use of a wobble board. The board causes the core muscles to be strengthened to enhance balance and stabilization.

Tossing the medicine ball back and forth is good but to add an unstable board under our feet amps up the intensity of the exercise. We fall off the board out of balance if we do not engage the muscles that enable us to become stable.

The biggest benefit of core training is to develop functional fitness – that is, fitness that is essential to both daily living and regular activities. Because the muscles of the trunk and torso stabilize the spine from the pelvis to the neck and shoulder, they allow the transfer of powerful movements of the arms and legs. All powerful movements originate from the center of the body out, and never from the limbs alone. Before any powerful, rapid muscle contractions can occur in the limbs, the spine must be solid and stable and the more stable the core, the most powerful the extremities can contract. (Sports Medicine )

The marriage relationship represents the most extreme entanglement of two lives in money, in sex, in emotion, in thought, well, in everything: to be in unity in everything is a difficult prospect. Since being married in a covenant of three between Bob, me and God, I have grown deeply in my knowledge of the core – the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just like my use of the core or trunk muscles give me the ability to stabilize and balance during physical strain, trust in Jesus as the “way” to eternal life, Jesus as the “truth” to live by, and Jesus as the “life” we align to steadies and gives me balance (John 14:6).

A husband can reinforce this core doctrine several ways:

·      He can live by example. Putting in to practice wisdom and integrity, the husband trusts, obeys and fears Jesus with a fervor that is observable.
·      He can offer his prayers. Faith in Jesus is the “way” to hope, peace and unrestrained joy. A prayer filled life is the glue that binds the family to Christ.
·      He can cleanse with water through His WORD. In times of instability the husband can turn to God’s Word for insight for living.
·      He can remind the wife of God’s love for her: she is forgiven and washed white as snow, she is a daughter and heir to the everlasting kingdom, she is special and made for a purpose, she is secure in all her needs by His love.

It is not to say marriage is the only place this depth of core building can occur. In the mountains of Colorado, I was part of a unique incarnational (God in human form) community of believers: they modeled what it meant to live like Jesus, seek Jesus with all their heart and love one another as Jesus loved the church. I also had a roommate who encouraged me to grow in the core applying God’s Word to my everyday life. We can move toward joining or creating this kind of “Jesus in the flesh” community whether married or single.

Inside the gym we strengthen our core muscles using a wobble board and outside the gym my husband encourages and challenges me toward a deeper understanding of the core - or essence of my faith. We see all aspects of life through “Jesus glasses.” Knowing and applying how He lived, what He taught and how He loved allows us to extend our reach to others with more strength because the “trunk and torso” transfers the powerful TRUTH of God’s love. Our movements do not originate from the “limbs” such as moral obedienceor outreach service projects. Rather, these efforts arise out of experiencing God’s love by resting in His embrace and rooting our love in what HE did for us (John 15:4).

How can you live and love more like Jesus did whether in the role of husband, wife, single woman or single man?

·        Maintain a posture of reverence and awe of God’s eternal power and divine nature. Proverbs 1:7
·        Experience God personally and intimately through prayer and the study of His living Word. Hebrews 4:12
·        Trust God by faith. 2 Corinthians 5:7
·        Mature your faith and make it secure. Hebrews 6:1, 19
·        Live a life of service and sacrifice not out of duty or obligation but out of love. Matthew 9:13
·        In humility consider others better than yourself. Philippians 2:3
·        Maintain sober judgment of yourself. Romans 12:3
·        Endure suffering for the sake of Christ. Hebrews 5:7-8
·        Share Jesus’ love using your unique story and wondrous gifting. Matthew 28:19

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Anonymous said...

I loved this one Edy! If only I could do it half as well as you wrote it.
love you wife.

Anonymous said...

You do an amazing job. thank you so much. I am blessed.