Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open Road ... Narrow Path - POTHOLES AND PITFALLS

My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your Word. Keep me from deceitful ways; be gracious to me through your law. I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws. I hold fast to your statutes, O Lord; do not let me be put to shame.

Psalm 119:28-31

What’s wrong with this picture? I’m peddling on a sidewalk facing oncoming traffic. As I become strangely aware of my present circumstance, I ask myself this question. What choices did I make to arrange this precarious predicament? Certain occurrences on the road raise concern and justify fear. We should be leery of potholes, drainage grates, parked cars and vehicles exiting a driveway. In these instances fear sets off an alarm to cause us to avoid or redirect our present course of action – or so they should. When we do not respond to the alarm we will likely end up in an unsafe dilemma: a bent fork, a flat tire, a collision, a wipeout.

The residential road I was traveling on intersected a busy four lane commuter street with no traffic signal. The normal course of action would require me to cross over three active traffic lanes to peddle on a road that does not accommodate bikes specifically. This set off an alarm. Was my concern legitimate to cause me to alter the “rule of the road?” I thought so but I was startled by the outcome of my choice. “The lesser of two evils” left me peddling on a sidewalk facing oncoming traffic. Consider a truck parked in the bike lane, as I swerve to avoid it, I am now in a potentially worse predicament: I’m in the oncoming travel lane.

There are times when we choose one path to avoid an obvious obstacle but then find ourselves in an alternate blunder - now what? Psalm 119 details our course of action. The author is one devoted to the Word of God who humbly acknowledges the errant ways of his heart and thus knew the pain and fruits of God’s corrective discipline; and yet, suffered at the hands of those who arrogantly made him the target of their hostility and persecution. Devotion to God’s Word is the mark of His servant but often alienates him from those that ascribe to their own law.

Ultimately God rules over all. If we devote ourselves to Him, obey His teaching and trust His promises we will not be put to shame. He will prosper us and not harm us. We will not suffer humiliation in the hands of others or be subject to their sneers. We will have reason to praise the Lord.

Join me as I lift up my hands in praise to His Word. It is our comfort and our guide in all circumstances. Put your hope in His Word. His Word is eternal and stands in the heavens. It is sweeter than honey, a light for our dark path, the joy of our heart – Wheeeeee!!!

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